Custom Woodwork by Fred

Welcome to Custom Woodwork by Fred. Family owned and operated we specialize in custom-designed wood piece including entertainment centers, wine cabinets, display cases, built-ins, bookcases, desks, beds, and other handmade wood furniture for homes or businesses. With over 30 years experience we take pride in our creative designs, professional craftsmanship and attention to detail. We are located in... Continue Reading →

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Upgrading a builder grade railing

The problem Some of our want list had to be delayed to replace a poor quality handrail installed by the builder. Needless to say the railing failed due to poor preparation and material selection. Upgrading a builder grade railing can add value to any home. When learning how to remodel and build homes, my father... Continue Reading →

Craftsman Style Bath a simple Update

For our Craftsman Style Bath project, we are removing the contractor-grade cabinetry and making a craftsman style transition to continue the theme for this home. Our Craftsman Vanity has been crafted for this renovation and is ready for installation. Demolition The first step was removing the cabinet, toilet, and flooring. The shower The shower is... Continue Reading →

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Spring Landscape Project part 2

2021 Update! It has been two years since we added our landscaping. in our Spring landscape project part 2. Our plants have filled in as well as the lawn. Maintenance has been relatively easy with the occasional weed whacking along the stone but it's mostly mow and go. We changed the wood edging on the... Continue Reading →

Spring Landscape Project part 1

It's that time of year. Our spring landscape project has been on hold since we moved here in 2016. The weather has been very wet last year and so far this year. So we don't lose any more time we are going to move forward and hope for some dry weather. This is not a... Continue Reading →

The Woodworking Shows

The Woodworking Shows are a traveling trade show that moves from city to city showcasing new woodworking tools and equipment. The Woodworking Shows offer live demo's and classes available to participate in during the show from many master craftsman. The first show I attended was in Tampa Florida about eight years ago. I liked going... Continue Reading →

Simple writing desk

This simple writing desk project is something any handy person can make in a weekend. This desk is the inspiration of a close friend. Our friend found what she would like to make at a local furniture store. She would also like to work alongside us in making this desk to give a personal touch... Continue Reading →

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