Vented Pantry Doors

Panel installation

Installing the center panel, we need to cut a rabbet on the inside to except the panel. We will use a router and rabbet bit to create the recess. To prevent tear out we cut a little at a time.

With the rabbets cut we can size our panels. and drill the holes for the hinges we are using.

Prior to painting, we do a test fit. This allows for adjustment if needed. With careful planning and measuring, we were in good shape.

Finishing and Installation

We are using cabinet paint by Valspar. The paint is a latex based paint that. I have used this paint on several other projects and it is very durable and does not yellow over time. We used an HVLP spray gun to apply the paint. This paint also flattens out well with a smooth roller and good paint brush. To guarantee a smooth finish I use Flotrol.

The last several days were spent finishing the doors. Door frames have been sanded and primed then sanded again, and this is where imperfections stand out so we can address them now. After several days of drying, we applied the final coat. Spray the finish on the back side first and allow them to dry thoroughly. We also finish the edges at this time, so when we flip the doors, the edges will blend with the face.

To finish things up the hardware needs to be installed. The handles we chose are used throughout the home to give a sense of consistency to the house. We used 4″ and 5″ depending on the drawer or door size.