About Custom Woodwork by Fred

We are a local woodworking shop located in Gibsonville NC. We are transitioning to a DIY information site as we provide information on a wide range of projects.

Woodworking was an acquired skill learned over 30 years. I grew up helping my father with house projects. As he worked on his home friends and family enjoyed what he had done for himself. So we would do projects for them and it grew from there. About Custom Woodwork by Fred was launched to showcase some of our work.

I was more interested in making things than I was in remodeling, so I would make things from the scraps leftover from our different projects and like my father I started projects for family and friends and eventually for my customers. As much as I enjoy woodworking there was no way to stop remodeling. To make anything last it requires a good foundation. I understood how much truth there is in that when remodeling various homes with my father. Electrical, plumbing, framing, and so on need to be done correctly for a project to last.

My passion is woodworking but has evolved over the years. You will find posts about woodworking, cabinet making landscaping, concrete, gardening, painting, DIY and much more here. Some posts may be technical and some just a quick “Hey look what I made!” I hope you enjoy what you find here.

We are always looking for an interesting project to do. If you are interested in having a project performed our projects are scheduled one at a time giving our full attention to only your project. From concept to completion we will be there every step of the process. Contact us for availability and to discuss your project.

We are updating our website (another hobby) with current and past projects as time permits. Be sure to bookmark us and return to see what we are up to.