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Craftsman Bathroom Vanity for a second bath

    Craftsman Bathroom Vanity for a second bath remodel. The contractor grade vanity will be replaced with a counter height vanity we are in the process of building for this post. Our material for this came from a large T.V. entertainment center. We kept this cabinet in storage thinking there has to be some other way to use it. The problem with those centers is they are too big for most rooms. We considered a pantry or wardrobe conversion, but it did not meet the look we are trying to create.


    I was tired of looking at it in my shop soI decided it was time just to cut it up and take it to the landfill. As I was disassembling it, I realized that the panels are solid and flat, so I stacked it up and tried to think of other uses for the material. I am working on another project in the shop at this time, beehives. I was going to make a few, and this material would be an excellent choice for this project. There will be a separate post for the hives coming soon. That evening we were discussing the upcoming bathroom renovation. So the plan changed, and I will use this material for the Vanity. We want to have a counter height Vanity. If you look at the cost of new material, this is a good use of the old entertainment center.

    I like to look at furniture at places like Craigslist, Letgo or consignment stores for sources of material for repurposing. You can pick up one of these entertainment centers for 40 to 50 bucks or even free. Most are wood but, be sure not to waste your time on pressboard or particleboard.


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    Craftsman Style Bath a simple Update

      For our Craftsman Style Bath project, we are removing the contractor-grade cabinetry and making a craftsman style transition to continue the theme for this home. Our Craftsman Vanity has been crafted for this renovation and is ready for installation.


      The first step was removing the cabinet, toilet, and flooring. The shower The shower is a good condition and we will keep this in place. We will add trim to blend with our new style

      Craftsman Style Bath

      With the room cleared, we have a clean slate to work with. The flooring came out quickly. Once removed we found a lot of staples to remove from the subfloor. We will be using a large format tile. To reduce the possibility of cracking, we need to ensure we have a flat smooth surface. A staple can create a place for cracking to occur.


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