Laundry Renovation

Laundry renovations are not rooms people give much attention to. It is a utility room and what more does it need to be. Having said that if a workplace is not efficient and the room is not welcoming, it gets out of control quickly and spending time in there is a chore as much as the laundry itself.

We are taking the basic contractor space and updating it for better storage, cleaner look and making it more welcoming. The room itself is an odd shape, however, it can be made to work.

In the photos above no consideration was given to storage. The room was blank. A storage shelf behind the washer and dryer adds some storage. A better plan is needed.

The laundry room renovation is a simple weekend project that any homeowner can accomplish.

The Plan

What the room needs are storage, color, and style. We want to keep the renovation budget friendly. Our renovation needs to flow with the theme of the house. The laundry room is in our Craftsman home. The budget may seem high. To offset this all of the cabinetry work we fabricate them in our shop. The other benefit, custom making our storage cabinet allows us to fit the space better. Off the shelf, storage cabinets can be used and will function just the same. If you’re looking for style choices, they are limited. We will be replacing the shelf with a slightly longer and deeper one, adding a cabinet above, and updating the color.


As with any project, changes will occur. IWe are upgrading the flooring for this renovation. The plan is ready, and it is time to begin. We chose to lay the floor first. For the room, we decided to use a snap together vinyl product. It looks and feels like wood and is 100% waterproof. The color is varying shades of grey. The floor included an attached underlayment. The original floor is Linoleum and we left it in place. It added a little more cushion and was in good shape. This was a time saver.


The next step of the renovation gives us the inviting space we want. Seafoam paint brightens the room creating a better environment to work within. Paint color can transform a room. Choosing the color is a personal choice. I like to see what designers use and read about what works. Pinterest is a great source for ideas. Pinterest is my personal choice. At the end of the day though it’s still a personal choice. The following video is a great guide to painting.


I chose to build the cabinet for our laundry renovation. I have the material from other projects creating savings for our project. The cabinet assembly is just a box on a wall, nothing fancy. Our doors are fabricated the same way as our vented pantry doors — Shaker style with solid panels. White for the cabinet helps to keep the room bright.

The problem with a cabinet above and behind the laundry machines is access. They are out of reach for anything above the first shelf. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Pull down shelving is available and come in various sizes and types. This option is not budget friendly. However, you can add this option at any time.

The renovation added color and storage. Additional storage cabinets are being added to the other side of the room for broom, dustpan and vacuum storage. Check back and follow the progress.

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