Potting and Garden Shed How we built it

Framing the Potting and Garden Shed

The Potting and Garden shed was built out of necessity and I didn’t think it would be post-worthy at the time of construction. This was June of 2016. The shed is just one of those things people build or purchase for its utility and nothing more. It houses all the things needed to tend to the yard and garden and some additional storage for those things you only need at certain times of the year.

The building is more than a basic Potting and Garden shed. We stick-built the shed rather than purchasing. We used 2″x4″ instead of 2″x3″ lumber at 16″ on center. The shed is made more like a house than a shed. We used a high pitch for the roof and a ridge beam to keep the interior space open.

With the shed roughed in, we added 2 access points. A standard walk-thru door for easy access when only needing to grab a rake or whatever and, a larger door for the mower.

With the Garden shed, all closed in it was time to add the doors. I was about to make just a solid door for the walk-thru but decided that would be boring. I built a Dutch door and added a window to the upper half. Not practical but it looks a lot better. Since the deck overlooks the shed we wanted to dress it up a little. We dressed it up quite a bit later. Stop back to see the updated shed. The larger door is a sliding barn door that will have a ramp for access.

Door Access

The Potting and Garden shed is ready for use. This project was born out of necessity and was put to use right away. Other projects had to get done and with the shed usable I was able to start working in my shop. So everything went into the shed and the shed went on the back burner at this point. Being June in the south tends to be hot. We paused further progress on the shed for the summer.

Landscaping around the Potting and Garden Shed

With spring came the beginning of yard projects. The first thing we wanted to do was complete the shed and try to make it blend in with the open space it now occupies. I also wanted to make it easy to mow around. We had also acquired a tractor and needed to add to the shed for the tractor. I have heard always build bigger than you need since this addition. The trellises are placed in front of the shed to help disguise or blend into the background.

This is how pretty much the shed looked for the next few years. Because of other projects and needs, it remained just a utility building.

With a place for my equipment I could again move onto other projects.

Clearing around the Potting and Garden Shed

Land clearing around the property was needed and behind the shed was completely overgrown. We hired a forestry mulching company to clear behind the shed and what a difference it has made. There may be a post of the land clearing at some point. With the area behind the Garden shed cleared out we added a bridge to traverse the runoff from the upper field. If you want to see the construction of the Bridge click here.

2020 has been a strange year. With spending time at home the shed again needed something. It just looked too utilitarian for us. Since we like sitting on our deck we wanted something more appealing to look at.

Please check back to see the updates to this shed in our next Post.