Potting and Garden Shed. How we go from simple to stunning.

In our previous post, we showed you how we built our Potting and Garden shed. We promised to add our upgraded shed in an upcoming post. Well, here it is.
I knew I liked the Craftsman style but adding columns to a shed is a little overkill. While I traveled during my enlistment in the Navy the style of homes in the Northwest appealed to me. I saw how the Craftsmen style in the Northwest was used in that area and I knew I liked it. Looking back it probably was the furthest thing on my mind but it must have lodged in my brain.

The Craftsman-style homes in the Northwest use wood siding. In particular, Cedar shakes. They are a very versatile and durable material. The shingles (or shakes)can be installed in straight lines or staggered for a more rustic look. We chose the latter. Finding the shingles was a little difficult. I discovered they are quite popular for grilling. Since I am not in the Northwest I have to assume that’s why they are used in North Carolina. This is not a how-to post but more of a here you go what do you think.

Before update
Before Update
Potting and Garden Shed.
After Update

In addition to adding the shakes, we added some more trim to the Barndoor and the eve of the shed. The additional detail ties the look together.

Choosing the color for our Potting and Garden Shed.

Color was the next choice. Being in the country one would assume Barn Red. It was on the list and would have tied into our Maroon shakes on the front of the house. We could have used a Barn Red. We knew we wanted the Potting and Garden Shed to be different. The choice is an eye-catching blue. With the shakes and white trim, we think it tied together nicely.
The view from the back deck has greatly improved. We have a few more details to add. An awning over the door and possibly an old-time sign over the Barndoor. At the end of the day, it is still a Potting and Garden shed.

Landscaping and garden update.

In the spring we will reposition our garden and landscape around the shed. We learned a few things this year with our first garden here in North Carolina and hope to add some more diverse vegetables in the coming year. We also have some Christmas ideas for the shed time permitting this year.