Cherry Vanity

Lost Project: Custom Cherry Vanity

Like most of us, time seems to slip by and any good intensions we had get lost in day to day life. While trying to get caught up I came across past projects I had planned to post in a blog someday. I am happy that I had at least taken pictures as I worked on these projects.

I will be posting several of these projects that were made prior to our blog. The first up is a bathroom vanity in Brazilian Cherry for a home in Melbourne FL. This vanity was contracted by the home owner for a DIY installation so I will not have any pictures of the installed vanity.

Cherry Vanity Front view

This is the last photo I had of this project. I’m hoping to find the pictures of the matching medicine cabitets that flanked both sides and the center of this vanity.

Special Features

The simple clean lines were requested by the homeowner based on a drawing they provided. Although it seems like a basic vanity a few simple tweaks increase the functional use of this bathroom staple. This vanity is for the master bath which could not be increased in size so maximum storage was a requirement. The home owner provided a drop in sink and had some leftover laminate from another project which we incorporated into this project.

The base of this vanity features 4 drawers on either side offering ample storage for a couple to share. An additional group of drawers has been incorporated into the base of this cabinet. These drawers were designed to accommodate up to 36 rolls of TP freeing up cabinet space. A simple push to release drawer slide assembly and they pop open with a push of your toe. Larger items can be stored in the center cabinet also offering easy access to the plumbing.

Cabinet Interior considerations

This home is not far from the beach and Florida of course is humid. When constructing the cabinet material choice is an important consideration. Big box cabinets are typically particle board covered in paper i.e. a sponge. They come in standard sizes and limit your choices. Since remodeling is a major financial decision a little extra cost in material and flexibility in design, having a local cabinet maker construct your cabinets will make your investment last.

This cabinet is fabricated from a good quality plywood. The edges and the unseen surfaces are sealed with primer. The interior of this cabinet was laminated with countertop laminate. This will serve to protect it from the humidity of Florida as well as any leaks or spills that can occur. I try to do this with any cabinet that will have plumbing or sinks in them. In our Craftsman bath vanity we skipped the laminate but did seal all surfaces with primer and paint.