Custom Bar Sink

Our client and friend was renovating his kitchen and was looking to add a custom sink that he had purchased for a bar he had designed. The bar sink was not going to be used very often but when entertaining would be indispensable.

I went to see what he had in mind and the location was in a wall unit style pantry cabinet giving us a depth of 15 inches to work with inside the cabinet. The idea being that it would be behind cabinet doors when not needed. The plumbing had already been installed and he was determined to make this work.

We used mahogany to match the color of his cabinets. We tried every stain imaginable to match and it turned out a simple clear coat was the way to go.

The sink was a stainless steel bar sink he purchased on line. It was an under-mount sink and he wanted to match the thickness of his counter top. The top is 1.5″ thick. We added a skirt to the front to hide the plumbing and show off the grain of the wood when in use.

Dry fitting sink prior to trimming the top
Grain highlighted by clear coat

This was a fun and unique project. Hopefully I can find my pictures after the install and update this post.