Display Case construction

The display case was designed to separate into 4 main pieces. Top, bottom and 2 halves of cabinet. This unit was made to fit into a service elevator for delivery to an eighth floor condo. Careful measurements were taken to ensure the finished dimensions were what the client wanted and to be able to deliver it.

Although this is not a deep cabinet it was visible from the sides so we had the opportunity to add raised panels giving this a more classy look. The back panel was stained black allowing the grain to show through and the cabinet was finished in a matte black as per our clients specification.

Lock miter joints were used to stiffen the end panels and eliminate the need for nails or screws. This is an extremely strong joint with a large surface area for glue. Once assembled the joint seam is at the corner. Light sanding and finished it is difficult to tell that the piece of wood is actually 2 pieces joined together.

Designing the custom support system required us to lay out all the pieces the client wanted to display. Since this was a wide variety we came up with a cam system allowing for ample adjustment by hand turning 2″ diameter pegs in cherry and drilling an offset hole creating a support that could be adjusted by turning the peg.

Once the desired position was found the cam would be tightened locking the position. The cams were bolted through to a rail that hangs on a custom sliding french cleat. I had already derided to use a french cleat to support the cabinet when it occurred to me that this could be modified allowing for left and right movement.

The client stated this would be placed behind his bar so as a surprise to our client I added an L.E.D. light system to the cabinet which offers over a hundred color options as well as dimming, chasing and other preset programs. Our client’s home is located on the top floor of a condo building over looking the river. As you come across the bridge at night you can see the lights on the cabinet. I’m happy he is enjoying his display case.